As The World Burns

by Common Enemy

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Jay Krn Pure fun! you can sk8 , party and light a fatty to these guys :D Favorite track: X The Ballad Of Bruce X.
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Dousing everything with gasoline and setting the world ablaze, Common Enemy has unleashed their 5th and most aggressive studio album yet. As the World Burns sparks 16 tracks of pure post apocalyptic chaos, and good times to be had with friends while sitting back and watching it all burn. With influences ranging from hardcore punk to thrash metal, these songs ignite a spastic yet tight, as well as a somewhat, umm… matured… new and exciting sound that is experimental yet familiar, screaming out the pure passion and rage that each member personally feels about the situations that we’re all faced with. This is definitely the soundtrack of mass destruction, so bring your board, your bong, your best buds (both kinds), spark it up, and thrash out with Common Enemy as the world burns! And oh yea, don’t forget your skewers and marshmallows for when you have the munchies.


released February 18, 2012



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Track Name: Thrown Away
I have something here that you can never take away
Forced into a corner, repressed to fucking change
Everyone go home now, the protest fucking fades
Now I’m standing here by myself still the same

This is something sacred, a cause to face the day
This is everything we’ve worked for, and it won’t be thrown away

To all those time I fucked up and to everything I lost
This might be all I have now, I’ll hold on to what I got
You can forget the shitty gimmicks, bridges burning to the ground
None of this means shit with no force behind the sound

I have something here that you can never take away
This is fucking sacred, a cause to face the day
The reason for the message that will never fucking fade
It’s everything we’ve worked for and it won’t be thrown away

This is everything we’ve worked for and it won’t be thrown away
Track Name: All I Want For Christmas Is A Bag Of Weed
Merry Fucking Christmas!

it’s that time of year again
the season to spend
stuck inside this plastic globe
and I can't see the end
wasting all my time
wasting all my cash
on some fucking worthless shit
it never really lasts

All I Want For Christmas is a Bag of Weed
what do I do with all this shit that I don't fucking need
All I Want For Christmas is a Bag of Weed
burn it up with my friends forget about this greed

it’s that time of year again
are you ready to buy
stupid fucking trendy junk
it’s falling from the sky
just sit back and watch
consume until you die
why the fuck do I deal with this
when did we lose sight

it’s that time of year again
the season to spend
I’m all out of money
and god is fucking dead
wasting all your time
wasting all your cash
on some stupid worthless shit
it never fucking lasts
Track Name: As The World Turns
You find a way to deceive
What do you want to achieve?
You set your sights on that someone
Things are done, no where to run

A drama unfolds, because you just don’t know
Any truth to the story, only what you’ve been told
You have a piece of the puzzle, with a twist on it
Not taking another, to make a clear portrait

Open up and you will see
Life’s bigger then just you and me
Think, what your about to say
You can’t have it your own way

…As the World Turns!
You just don’t know

As the world turns, think before you start the drama!
As the world turns!
Track Name: Dead Kegs
Foam out the tap
A sea of steel scrap
Till there’s nothing but air
Destructive impaired
Another one down
The endless rounds
Day to day
Another dead keg

A drunken anthem
For your empty glass
Somehow it’s full again
And there will be no questions asked

Day to fucking day
More and more dead kegs

Fill the glass
Down just as fast
Day to fucking day
That’s how we make dead kegs
Track Name: Where's It At?
Sober and broke
My head it fucking hurts
Burnt up all like rez
I just really need to smoke

Where the fuck is the weed at?

It’s been one whole day
And I’m going insane
Really just a few hits
And I promise that I’ll be ok

I have this little problem
I need a dutch and a ten
You make that shit appear
I swear we’ll be best friends
Track Name: Cheat, Lie, And Steal
I can't live on, live on this wage
The fat cats sit, sit high and watch
Unemployment, just isn't enough
While I'm down in, down in this ruff

You … Cheat, Lie, and Steal

You've tell me that, things will be fine
You've promised that, things would be different
I've just about, lost my fuckin' mind
I see thru it, I'm not fuckin' blind

I can't live, and pretend anymore
That what you said, will ever amount to more
I'm standing here, and I'm standing tall
Ready to fight, fight to help us all

Things must be said, things must be done
We're on to you, there's no where left to run
Stupidities here, we know who's to blame
Lie to my face, we're done with the games
Track Name: Mind Games
Could it be the education that gets us while we’re young?
This point of view we rule the world with a loaded gun
Maybe it’s the media creeping through the dark
Planting a perspective to secure our every thought

Mind games… I can’t… I won’t… I can’t… Play into these mind games

One day it hits you hard and you may never feel the same
Born a fucking product, baptized player in the game
They conceived the theory that we’ll just buy into this shit
Something deep compels us, triggered by some tick

There’s in place an effort, to train us how to life
Force-fed fucking values and brainwashed how to think
They’ll censor out the voices that oppose the things they say
And they’ll never fucking stop until everything’s their way
Track Name: March Them Off To War (This Means Fucking Business)
Take a fucking look at how the banks invest
Not schools but bombs and prisons, and we subsidize the rest
A new age of feudal living in which we willingly partake
With no regard for humyn life when profits put at stake

Round up every kid in town
Let’s march them off to war
This is fucking business
I can promise we’ll see more

We support the companies that destroy the fucking earth
And hold true to their images and set standards of self-worth
Shows the silence in our nature as the third world is fucking raped
And that flag is on every product and every missile made

When the actions of our government represent the interests
of one percent of the population, the agenda becomes clear
as our legislative process and military force has become a resource
for those who control the means of production, while the working
people become tools used by the hand of the free market

Tell me what the fuck we’re fight for!
The interests of a few
Whose money got them through the door

Tell me what the fuck I’m fight for!
The greed of someone else
This is not my fucking war

Blasted by the main stream media
we sit mindless swallowing every bit of shit they feed us
they tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to live, and whose life has value
unless we can make a change, we’ve opened the door for
the exploitation of the lower class everywhere
Track Name: Facts
Born the perfect product of privileged society
They’ll teach me how to rule the world forget necessity
So fuck you all, my shit is made and I know I’ll stay ahead
Advantage versus ignorance, I’ll fucking own you till your dead

It’s just a fact of life
We fall into this shit
It’s just a fact of life
Born and breed to fucking run the project

Comfort in expression: out of sight out of mind
Circumstance it kept me safe and at the top of the line
So just accept the fact, where you’re at is where you’ll stay
A feudal fucking cycle that will always stay the same

It’s not my fault; I didn’t make it this way
If I’m alright, then it’s all okay

Try your hardest, you can fight and complain
But you’re stuck with something that you’ll never change

Just accept the facts

Now sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up
Track Name: Look At Yourself
Your life is shit, you’re all fucking depressed
Take a look at yourself, it might be how you’re dressed
You’ve become a walking commercial from foot to fucking head
In some stupid (overpriced) attempt to self-express

Look (look) look at your self
Are you happy? Are you free?
Look (look) look at yourself
Living a lie through the shit that you buy

A jingle stuck inside your head
Impulse reaction now all your money is spent
You can buy their shit but you’re never content
A compulsive nature that makes your life a fucking mess

Make the purchase play the part
When you were never happy from the start
You’re conditioned to buy, you’re conditioned to want
You’re conditioned to believe that you’re not good enough

We’re fucked!

Power put in products creates a structured way of life
That feeds us plastic fucking values by the means it’s advertised
In this fast-food TV nation we can never get enough
We’re sinking lower to the ground but the walls keep going up

Look at yourself
Are you happy? Are you free?
Living a lie through the shit that you buy
Track Name: Starved And Subdued
Stuck to the screen and I can’t fucking move…
I’m starved and subdued

When all the walls start to crumble, I can see right through the dust
Stands a generation fucking voiceless, they just bought into the plot
I’ve seen the damage done over time, no interest in free thought
Technology not activism, guess who pays the cost

Status based off what we own, not how we fucking live
A dependency that we all have kills initiative to think
All these sacrifices for convenience, it’s how we stay contained
Time goes on we’re all less humyn, it’s just something in my head

Blind on your knees
It’s the will that we lose
It’s what makes us dependent
Starved & Subdued
Track Name: Bad Weather
Ain’t it such a shame how we don’t know where is going?
I take one fucking look at you and can see you’re going nowhere
Run your mouth and walk away you fucking hypocrite
The kid who finished last, the kid talking all the shit

The way that you act
Stuck in an endless cycle
Head in the cloud
Conceded in your ideals
You’re a fucking piece of shit
And I should’ve know better
So full of yourself
It’s like you’re followed by bad weather

Words come hard to sallow as you start to fucking choke
Six years down the line and you’re just a fucking joke
I’ve caught myself, wised up, moved on, and now I do my best
You single minded clown enjoy living in regret

Fuck you… Kill yourself
Track Name: Bottle And A Cross
I feel the hand of god
Gripped tight around my neck
As the pills keep going down
I’m told what I must accept

A bottle and a cross
And all my problems solved
You can never save yourself
It’s in the hands of god
It’s never fucking clear
And I fear it’s all a fraud
Medicated to comply
That’s the just the burden that I got
Track Name: X The Ballad Of Bruce X
Bruce don’t smoke it…
But he likes how it smells
Track Name: Shark Attack
it’s summer again
let's head to the shore
jump into our bathing suits,
grab the boogie board
it’s a beautiful day
the water is clear
we dive into the ocean and we swim with no delay
and with our surf boards
we catch some big waves
suddenly we’re knocked off by something we can’t explain
it's a shark attack!
they circle round, and we’re trapped
oh my god he bit my leg,
the water’s red, it’s not my day
is this it, the way I die
now i’m in his jaws of death,
my guts spill out, there’s nothing left
Track Name: One Up
jumping over turtle shells it makes you feel good,
avoid falling in the trap like you should,
it's not a competition cuz this game is getting old,
hit the restart button cuz it's time to fucking fold
your always
one up
one up on me,
one up
one up on you
it's a one dimension story in three dimension time,
i'm staring blankly at the screen i can't believe this crap,
is it all fun and games to you?
are you having a good time?
i'm laughing in your face because you'll never ruin mine
i can't believe this crap,
there's no reason why you should try to hang on,
your always
one up
one up on me,
one up
one up on you